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How far in advance should I book? 

I recommend reaching out at least 2-3 months prior to when you’d like to have your final gallery in hand. I typically open my books 2 months in advance. We’ll get to planning 3-4 weeks prior to your session and it takes 2-3 weeks to receive your photos after your session. 


How to pick a location?

Your location can have an effect on the quality and wow factor of your photos. Good news is that I will be there for you to help you find the perfect spot! 


Tips: Choose a location with lots of natural light. We can always introduce artificial lighting but natural always makes for a soft, clean and crisp look in my opinion! Also, choose a spot that feels authentic to you and makes sense for your brand. 


A few suggestions are; studio rentals, your workspace, borrowing a friend or family member's home, your home, somewhere outdoors, a public location (like your favourite coffee shop, the central library, botanical gardens or brewery) or you can *ask me about securing a show home.


The main thing when picking a location is that it has ample natural light! We can always introduce artificial lighting but natural lighting always makes for a soft, clean and crisp look in my opinion! 


Ask me anything about a location you have in mind!


*please provide ample notice for show home requests


Who chooses my photos?

You do! Very early on in my business I introduced a selection gallery for my clients, and let me tell you… they love it! 


How it works!


After your session I will send you a few edited sneak peeks and a separate gallery with only the best of the best from your session. So you get to choose exactly which photos you will be receiving in your final gallery that you know you love and will get tons of use out of. Once you’ve made your selections they will be edited and then sent your way within 2 weeks!

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